Make Your Legal Documents More Official

Fast and Convenient Public Notary Services

Most legal documents need a signature from a notary public, a person who has been certified to witness you signing a document and sign it themselves, showing that you have agreed to the terms contained in the document.

Stop by our office today for a walk-in appointment and get the notary public service you need from our professionals. Our family-run business works in all the 50 states. 

Get the Notary You Need for Your Documents

  • Notarize documents
  • Property agreements
  • Private sale agreement
  • Legal papers
  • Dissolution of marriage papers
Notary Services

Notarize Any of Your Legal Documents With Us

Whatever documents you need our notary public to sign, from immigration papers to any other legal document you have, we can give you the personalized help you deserve.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable professionals today and ask about how we can help you prepare your taxes and other legal documents as well.
Come to JB Services for a FREE e-file copy of your signed papers.
Choose a business that has 
been around for over 30 years 
and get fast refunds and 
deposits you need. 
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